Sand & Gravel Extraction

Personal Use Extraction Licenses

Citizens of the Borough may purchase an extraction license to extract sand or gravel on Borough-owned lands at the Natural Resources Development office, located on the 2nd floor of the Juanita Helms Administration Center, by calling (907) 459-1241, or by emailing a completed extraction license application to

An Extraction License allows for:

  • The extraction of sand or gravel according to the allowance of your license.
  • Can allow for up to a maximum of 2,000 cubic yards of sand or gravel, per person, per year at $3.50 per cubic yard in place, however some licenses may be restricted to fewer cubic yards depending on availability. 


Application Personal Use Extraction License

Mail it to:

FNSB-Division Natural Resources Development

P.O. Box 71267
Fairbanks, AK 99707-1267 


Email your application to (Credit card phone payments are accepted)

Commercial Sales

The Borough Assembly may by resolution authorize the commercial sale of Borough sand or gravel: 

  • The Assembly may fix the terms of the commercial sale to include the date of the sale, whether the sale is by outcry or sealed bid auction, the manner in which payment is to be made, the restoration conditions, and any other terms deemed appropriate. 
  • The sale shall be published four times in the 30-day period preceding the date of the sale. The notice shall contain a brief description of the Borough land from which the resource is to be removed and the terms of the sale as fixed by the Assembly resolution. 
  • After review and comment by the State Department of Transportation/Public Facilities, the Mayor may issue an extraction license, or the Assembly may authorize a commercial sale that allows a person to extract gravel from joint use material extraction sites on Borough land as established by the cooperative agreement between the state and the Borough. 
  • The Assembly may be resolution authorize the commercial sale of sand and gravel resources by use of over-the-counter sales if these resources were first offered for sale at an auction and did not sell at auction on a first-come first-served basis

If you are aware of an area suitable for public personal use sand and gravel extraction or commercial sales, please contact our office or you may nominate an area by completing a Land Nomination Application