District Council General Information

Ordinance 2004-69 created six Service Area District Councils. The district council concept encourages service areas to meet collectively to share experiences, learn from each other and allows the gathering and communication of common or widespread problems, goals, and concerns to the Mayor and Assembly.

Collectively the six district councils: Salcha, Badger, Chena Hot Springs Road, Farmer's Loop, North Borough, and West Borough, encompass most of the Borough's geographic area.

The chairperson of each service area located within the District Council geographic boundaries shall serve on the district council. The chairperson may appoint an alternate from the road service area to serve on the district council. There will be only one vote on district council matters from each service area.

District Council Responsibilities

  • A. Prioritize the district's upgrade and maintenance needs;
  • B. Explore possible cost savings using collective purchasing power;
  • C. Recommend to the Mayor and Assembly needed changes or other solutions to problems experienced by service areas within the district;
  • D. Promote communication within the service areas in the district, and between the service areas and the Mayor and Assembly; and
  • E. Communicate with other councils.

District Council meetings are advertised on the Borough News page in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner and listed on the Borough's website under Public Notices. Meetings are held as necessary and do not have quorum requirements.

The chair of each district council shall be the representative on the Assembly Road Service Area Committee (ARSAC). If the chair chooses not to serve as the representative, the chair may appoint a member of the district council to serve as the district council representative to the ARSAC. The chair may appoint a representative who is not a member of the council only if no member of the council is willing to serve on the ARSAC. Any appointed representative shall serve at the pleasure of the chair.