911 Addressing Division


The Fairbanks North Star Borough, through FNSB Code Title 21, is the official regulatory authority on street addresses for the entire Borough outside of the limits of Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base. The Borough creates and maintains a database of all existing, approved street addresses and maintains a list of all private and public street names.

What We Do

Assign all new addresses for the Borough

Research problem or questionable addresses

Correct or change any erroneous or misleading addresses

Maintain a list of all correct street names, including both private and public streets

Encourage property owners to physically post their approved addresses

Provide correct address information for the E911 emergency response system

The Street Address Locator App is used to create address site plans, it is updated in real time and has the most up to date valid addressing and road name information. 
Address Sign Placement

If we can't find you, We can't help you 

Free reflective house number signs (16" x 4") are available at your local fire station or at 907 Terminal Street, 2nd floor Community Planning Office. Please call ahead to allow for time to make the signs.  907-459-1260