Budget Update & Town Hall Event

The Budget Update & Town Hall meeting was held on April 28, 2021, 6:00-8:00pm both online and in-person at the Centennial Center Theater at Pioneer Park. Finance Chair Leah Berman Williams and FNSB Chief of Staff Jim Williams gave presentations on the budget process, and members of the public had an opportunity to ask questions on the recommended budget and the Finance Committee budget amendments.

Official public testimony on the budget is May 6th with the whole Assembly. If you would like to make comments to the Assembly, please follow instructions on the FNSB website on the Assembly page to provide telephonic or written testimony.

If you have comments about the budget, please email them to the Assembly or sign up to provide public testimony in person or telephonically at the May 6 Assembly meeting.

State of the Borough Address

On Wednesday, April 7 at 2:00pm, Mayor Bryce Ward released the recommended budget for FY 2021-22 and provided a status on the Borough. You can view the presentation slides and watch the video below:

Public Participation Plan & Timeline

The FNSB Budget Public Participation Plan & Timeline (PDF) highlights efforts the administration will use to educate and inform the public about the fiscal year 2021-22 budget planning process and presents a timeline of opportunities for the community to provide input. There are four objectives of the public participation plan: Inform, Engage, Listen, and Respond.

Public Participation Plan
Budget Timeline

A Balancing Act

A Balancing Act is an easy-to-use budget simulation tool used to engage with Borough residents on the budget. You can see a simulation model of the FY 2021-22 budget, adjust dollar amounts, and submit your feedback to decision-makers. You can also use the Taxpayer Receipt tool to see estimated taxes paid and where those dollars go. Try it today!