What kind of criteria are considered?
  • Can the Borough provide the service requested?
  • Can the area be annexed to an existing service area or does a new service area need to be formed?
  • Are all properties included in the boundary that will benefit from the service?
  • Depending on the type of service requested, the criteria might be more specific. For example, a road service area will include the following specific criteria:
    • What is the access to the area?
    • Are the roads public or private?
    • Are the roads built as shown on the plats?
    • Were the roads built to subdivision standards?
    • If roads were not built to subdivision standards, were they constructed prior to 1969, and are they used for year-round automotive access?

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1. What is a service area?
2. How are the boundaries of a service area decided?
3. What kind of criteria are considered?
4. What should you do to gain support?
5. What steps are involved in becoming part of a service area?
6. What is the purpose of the petition?
7. Who can sign the petition?
8. How many signatures are required?
9. What happens next?
10. Is a public hearing held?
11. What is the purpose of the election?
12. Who can vote in the election?
13. Who operates service areas?
14. What are commissioners’ duties?
15. How are service areas funded?